What Types Of Body Armor Do You Need?

body armors for extreme protection

Body armors were created to provide the utmost protection to soldiers, police officers, factory workers, and civilians alike. Body armors are designed to resist bullets and other projectiles. The materials used for this purpose are usually steel, bulletproof vests, bullet-resistant vests, or even some types of soft armor. There are basically two types of body armor available: hard-plate reinforced body armor for slight to moderate protection and plated body armors for extreme protection at the most affordable price.

Hard-plate reinforced body armors were primarily used by military and law enforcement officials for extreme defense against bullets. They are typically made out of steel, which is very difficult to penetrate especially when shot at close range. The thickness of the plates makes it almost impossible to penetrate through even a knife-like bullet fired from a pistol. However, this type of armor is also ineffective against high caliber rifles because the angle of the plate is such that it only gives way to the bullets when they approach at an angle.

a heavy alloy steel

Plated body armors provide maximum protection against handguns at close range. These plates are made out of a heavy alloy steel which is very effective against even heavy calibre rifle rounds but not effective against pistol rounds. Even though pistol round is the heaviest round in a rifle, it is also the most common round that is fired during a gun battle. It is for this reason that police officers and military personnel prefer using heavy duty plate armor when faced with combat with rifles. For these reasons, police and military units often found themselves exposed to heavy rifles rounds without any form of protection like body armors. They later on resorted to using lightweight handguns to eliminate this problem.

Today, there are many manufacturers who produce different types and kinds of body armors. They have taken the time to research, develop and test different types of body armors that are efficient against different types of firearms. There are many different manufacturers who produce different types of body armor in different designs and are meant to meet the requirements of different users and different situations.

resistant to corrosion

The most popular and commonly used types of body armors are the ones made out of Kevlar. The material Kevlar is known to be a very strong and sturdy metal which is also resistant to corrosion. It is this resistance to corrosion that makes Kevlar armor ideal as a utility item. The advantages of using this type of armor are its light weight and ease of use. This type of armor can be used by just about anybody, since it can be easily cleaned and is not susceptible to rust.

Another popular material that is used to manufacture body armors is the ballistic nylon. This material is known to be stronger than Kevlar and has similar properties as steel. It is also more lightweight and easy to clean. These benefits make ballistic nylon in a much sought after material to be used for body armors. While these body armors may not be bulletproof, they will surely protect you from any gun shot.

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