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What are the 5 personality tints to try in colored contact lenses?

Colored Contact Lenses – 5 Personality Tints To Try

Colored contact lenses appear as a fun way to switch up your eye color. Sometimes also known as decorative or costume lenses, they lend your eyes a completely different hue. Some even reshape your eyes for an almost cartoon-style effect. However, color-changing contact lenses are no longer merely accessories or toys. These days, there are serious benefits to wearing colored contact lenses.

Colored contact lenses

One of the first effects is the ability to change eye color on a whim or without much thought. One popular brand that allows you to do this is Aqualens. This brand comes in four different colors, each of which can be darkened or lightened. If you decide to use these colors, however, you must still apply the correct drops to your eye. Although it may seem unnoticeable to someone standing nearby, your eyes will not refract properly if the drops are improperly placed in your eye.

Another benefit to wearing colored lenses

is the convenience of changing them easily. Instead of having to deal with a messy contact solution bottle and the hassle of placing the solution in your eye, you simply take out your colored contacts, remove the lens case, and replace the lens with a new one. A simple solution and change can make wearing colored lenses much easier and more convenient.

There are other brands of colored contact lenses available

but Aqualens provides some of the most innovative and sophisticated designs. In addition to the colored segments, there are also tints available. There are several different tints from which to choose, including soft silver for a cool and subtle glow, milgrain for a richer look, and deep blue for a jet black look. Many of the tints are made to go on with only one pair of glasses, and even then it is easy to get the perfect look by blending in the rest of your wardrobe. Tinted lenses are available in two styles: pearls and squares.

Pearls are the least expensive among all of the tints

and they are probably the easiest to integrate into your overall appearance. With the pearl lens, you have the ability to change your eye color any time you like. However, pearls can be quite bright, so you may want to keep this option for those who have sensitive eyes or want a very subtle appearance. Squares on the other hand offer a much more drastic change. Because the shape of the circle is unique, squares can really stand out and offer a beautiful array of color variations.

The most popular color tints are semi-translucent tints.

These are typically used in the sports market to really enhance your athletic abilities. Semi-translucent lenses give you the ability to see through the bottom half of your frame without creating a blind spot. They are also great if you need to hide your prescription. Finally, Penta-translucent tints are the most extreme, allowing you to literally see through your top and bottom lids.

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