Types of Bulletproof Body Armor

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Body armors are designed to give the wearer some sort of defense against force trauma, impact, and/or penetration. This protective gear is often made out of heavy duty or thick fabric that is designed to protect the wearer in many different ways. These protective gears are commonly worn by police officers, civilians, and military personnel. As its name suggests, full body armors are extremely heavy and bulky, yet their underlying parts can often be far more durable than even the toughest steel ones. In other instances, full body armors can be utilized along with hard body armor for even higher levels of protection, allowing these folks to continue on their course of action.

Many different types of body armors are available for different uses, and each type will be suited for a particular purpose. The most common forms of body armor are those that are worn as outer wear such as bulletproof vests and combat trousers. These are extremely durable and protective, while still lightweight and comfortable. Body armor is also available in the form of bullet-resistant clothing or jackets. These are designed specifically to be light weight and have the same protective qualities of full body armors but are much more streamlined and baggy.

the durability of the material

The original ‘body armor’ used by the United States Army was developed and tested during World War I by soldiers in bullet proof vests. The soldiers tested the vests by shooting at them at close range, and they retained the durability of the material. Since the soldiers required the armor to protect them from being shot at while traveling at high speeds, the vests were often made of heavy canvas or cotton. During the Second World War, the development of the bullet proof vest caused the creation of newer vests with steel reinforced linings. This new armor was obviously much more effective at dealing with large caliber firearms.

Concealed carry vests are another form of body armors, and are generally smaller in size than vests designed for protection against large caliber firearms. The design of these vests is similar to a belt, but instead of being fastened by a top pocket, they are worn over the shoulders with straps that run to the bottom of the pants. Because they are designed to be concealed, they do not offer the same protection when it comes to protecting the wearer from bullets. Instead, these vests are used for carrying guns or other accessories that cannot be protected by a bulletproof vest, such as knives. However, the low profile of these vests makes them much less noticeable than traditional vests, which is important for some individuals who wish to appear as if they have no visible weapons at all.

protect soldiers against deadly shooting

A large amount of interest is focused on today’s most popular form of protective body armors, those developed for use by military personnel. Clothing designed for these personnel often includes items that are capable of stopping even the largest handgun. Since the early designs of protective clothing for military personnel, such as soft body armor, were developed for use during close quarter street combat, they are now often found attached to the uniform of these men and women. Although the original purpose of this type of protective clothing was to protect soldiers against deadly shooting, today they are often found being worn by civilians for everyday protection.

Some of the more popular types of protective body armors for civilian use include: full body armor, plate body armor, bulletproof body armor, and bulletproof vests. All of these forms of body armors provide varying degrees of protection depending upon what the protective goal is. These armor options are typically found on law enforcement vehicles and police motorcycles, but have also become popular for civilian use due to their lower cost and lack of hassle of installation. For the ultimate in protection, there are bulletproof vests that are not only affordable but highly effective in stopping high caliber firearms. Regardless of what your needs may be investing in one of these will give you piece of mind.

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