The Small Businesses Embracing New Fashion Brands

Small Businesses Embracing New Fashion Brands

Recent research by 99designs reveals that small businesses are leveraging their creative marketing power more than ever before to increase customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and bottom line profits. From hospitality to technology, entrepreneurs are increasingly channeling an action more associated with iconic brands than larger businesses to create new revenue channels, get past difficult times, and make personal connections with consumers. The results are quite clear. When small businesses work with iconic fashion designers, they not only find creative solutions that help them build customer relationships but also start building a powerful source of intellectual property that can be used for multiple generations to come.


This trend is nothing new

In fact, many large retailers took years to fully adapt to the advent of online shopping and integrated e-commerce systems. Today, many smaller businesses that once relied on traditional methods of selling merchandise find themselves at the forefront of technological innovation, developing digital product catalogs, engaging in social media marketing, and leveraging emerging online community platforms. Often, this development comes in the form of the shared consumer experience, where products are designed with the customer in mind and the retailer as a partner.


There is no denying

the fact that wearing a certain kind of branded apparel can often make the wearer feel like a rock star. For small businesses, having a designer make face masks for promotional events, parties, or tradeshow presentations allows them to make a lasting impression with guests while simultaneously showing off their product. It takes a rare event like this to warrant investing in a design team. However, when the need arises, small businesses can invest in wholesale or discount designer wear for upcoming events by renting a bespoke production line or buying wholesale from distributors that specialize in high-end wear.


Wholesale or discount designer wear

is particularly popular among small businesses that find themselves advertising in a variety of venues. Some choose to rent wholesale face masks to attract a younger crowd. Other small businesses use face masks to engage with the more fashion-savvy younger generation that can identify with the adage “less is more.” As new technology emerges to support online promotions such as social media marketing, businesses that don’t have the budget for expensive TV commercials or print advertisements can rely on the viral nature of the internet to increase their brand recognition while at the same time creating more revenue.


The trend toward face wear

has also extended to the business world, creating a competitive market for quality products. One type of designer wear gaining popularity among small businesses is covid-19. covid-19 is a unique line of designer-inspired outerwear created by the New York label Covid. Covid-19 is made of a blend of eco-friendly materials and gear inspired by streetwear culture. Each piece is crafted with the same attention to detail as the designs found in the best boutiques, giving every piece the look of a high-end fashion brand, but with the affordability of an everyday outfit.


It’s clear that businesses

have begun to take notice of how the internet has allowed them to market their brands while increasing their customer base at the same time. By promoting their products with both traditional and emerging media, small businesses can set themselves apart from other online outfits while capitalizing on the ever-changing trends that influence consumer buying habits. As brands begin to feel the impact of the internet, they’ll find that marketing their products through both traditional and emerging media will help create a larger and more loyal customer base than they’ve ever had before.

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