Renewable Energy

The Reasons Why Renewable Energy Is Cheaper Than You Think

As the world shifts towards renewable energy and away from fossil fuels, reducing your energy consumption will be an important first step towards saving our environment. Fossil fuels are increasingly becoming scarce and as their price spikes due to demand, the risk of stranded fossil fuel supplies is increasing. To address this increasing problem, developing nations need to start using more domestic energy production capacity to reduce the energy heavy reliance on fossil fuels. There is a rising concern over climate change, resulting in more extreme weather conditions that currently affect parts of the world. With over 1 billion people globally that do not have access to electricity or other safe sources of power, the need for alternative energy sources is increasingly vital.


Removing barriers 2:

The falling prices of renewable energy In recent years, there was a shift in attitude from traditional electricity use from non-renewable resources such as coal to cheaper, cleaner renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power. While this has reduced the cost of producing electricity in developed countries, it has had a limited impact in developing countries where the need for electricity is greater. By creating new electricity generation capacity from cheaper, readily available renewable energy sources, developing countries can remove one barrier to the growth of new economies. A recent study found that developing countries that have at least a 20% share of renewable energy have lower poverty rates than those with a lower percentage of non-renewable energy sources.


Lowering your carbon footprint

One of the most immediate results of switching to renewable energy sources is that by using these technologies, you are significantly reducing your carbon footprint. With fossil fuel-fired power generation accounting for around 25% of global emissions, switching to cheaper, more abundant renewable energy makes enormous sense. Using solar panels to produce electricity not only lowers the amount of carbon emissions released into the atmosphere but also reduces the amount of non-carbon hydro fluids produced when rain falls on your roof or when your wind turbine produces electricity. Wind energy has no emissions, so it is completely clean. Switching to renewable energy reduces your carbon footprint by more than half compared to traditional power generation methods.


Making Global Warming

a Little friend Wind, water, and sunlight all interact in complex ways to affect the climate and our environment. Fossil fuels like coal are believed to be some of the causes of climate change, and the use of coal as a source of electricity poses a huge risk to the environment. Many environmentalists have been campaigning for decades for the government to invest in new renewable energy technology to mitigate the risks posed by increased levels of greenhouse gas emissions. By using renewable energy, the government can remove one of the largest sources of pollution from the global air.


Reducing global dependence on fossil fuels

One of the biggest environmental impacts of the use of fossil fuels is their high cost. If everyone was to switch to cheaper, cleaner solar PV technology, the cost of electricity could plummet. This would make fossil fuel production an unattractive proposition for companies around the world. Although there are several environmental benefits of switching to renewable generation costs, it is clear that it will make financial sense for everyone to do so.


It’s time to ditch the fossil fuel subsidies

We all know the importance of a healthy economy, but just looking at the cost of fossil fuel and the impact on the environment doesn’t seem to make the case for using clean energy. By using new generation clean energy technologies we can remove these subsidies from the equation and ensure that all of our money goes towards cleaner renewable technology. By making use of clean energy, we can also avoid increasing pollution levels and further damage to the planet. Solar PV panels and wind turbines are both examples of clean energy technologies that have minimal marginal costs.

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