the common bulletproof vests or other types of body armor

Body Armor VS Bulletproof Vests

It may have been some time now since you last wore a body armor vest, but you’ve probably forgotten just how important it is. Certain types of body armor are more suitable for certain activities than others. For example, some types are only fit for police and soldiers while others are fit for regular civilians. It s probably for this reason that your body armor makes such an enormous stink.


Wearing body armor while operating firearms

is usually necessary as a matter of law. However, wearing it is also of paramount importance when you don’t want others to lose their mind due to all the stink that your body armor creates. This article is going to talk about the types of armor for the average person and what the differences between them are. Hopefully, by the time you finish reading this article, you will understand how important your vest is and why it’s so stinky. In the end, you’ll know to properly protect yourself when you’re around others.


The first thing we’re going to talk about

is the common bulletproof vests or other types of body armor. These are actually pretty affordable nowadays, you can buy them online and in stores for $500 or more depending on what type of protective armor system you’re looking for. Bulletproof vests differ in many ways but the most obvious one is the material they are made from. Your next consideration should be the thickness, this will determine how much a bulletproof vest can cover your torso. You should always aim for a thickness that’s equal to or more than your hips or waist, otherwise, you run the risk of a bulletproof vest being too thick and still offering protection.


Next comes the question of if it’s okay for civilians

Yes, it is, as long as you get a vest that doesn’t completely inhibit movement and that still offers good protection. The problem with some types of body armor is that it’s just too bulky and heavy, it might make you feel like you’re not carrying anything at all. This can actually be dangerous because as I said before tactical gear is made to offer you added protection without adding too much weight or bulk to your body. If you need to buy body armor for safety reasons then you shouldn’t hesitate to get a light-colored tactical vest, something that is very light won’t be easily mistaken for an explosive vest or anything.


Now let’s talk about the differences between bulletproof vests

The biggest difference is in the fact that they provide you with additional protection while at the same time allowing you to move freely and feel confident in public settings. Another big difference is that a bulletproof vest protects your body in ways that ordinary protective clothing won’t, for instance, it covers your torso and legs against bullets fired from close range. On the other hand, ballistic vests protect your body from any airborne projectiles like asphalt shrapnel or large rocks.


If you are looking for the best protective gear for your life

then I recommend that you check out a bulletproof vest that incorporates ballistic vests with a vest cover that goes over your entire body. These vests are really the only option if you don’t want to be identified by police officers as the person carrying a weapon. They also give you the added benefit of protecting your family members as well. Just remember to always keep yourself and your family safe. Never take chances!

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