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Telecommunication and Technology

An Internet Service Provider often referred to as an ISP, is a corporation that offers Internet connection to home users and organizations. So what do ISPs do? Simple, an ISP gives you an Internet connection, usually for a fixed price. Without an ISP, you would not be able to browse this page, read this article, or purchase items on the Internet. We will look at the inner workings of Internet Service Providers, and how they can benefit consumers.

provides access to broadband connections

The primary role an ISP plays is to provide access to broadband connections at their particular offices. Today most ISPs have gone digital and provide connections to broadband connections, cable connections, and wireless connections such as Wi-Fi. When you get Internet service from your ISP, all you have to do is visit their website, check out the services they offer, and choose the package that works for you. Some ISPs may offer different packages, discounts, and deals. However, most all provide access to certain services such as e-mail, online gaming, music, and video, high-speed Internet connection, and file and document sharing. Not all ISPs provide all of these services, and some only offer a few.

provides good coverage

With broadband internet access, home users can check their e-mails in the morning, surf the web in the afternoon, download, and upload data in the evening, and connect to online gaming in the evening and in the morning. Home computer users can also use their computers for Internet shopping without going out in bad weather. All in all, it’s easy to see why there are so many people choosing to go with an internet service provider.

tough decision

Unfortunately, not all ISPs provide good service. Many ISPs work only part-time, and some only provide Internet connectivity to a small portion of their customer base. The result is that consumers are left without reliable Internet service, leaving them frustrated and disappointed. This leaves small businesses with a tough decision: either they cut back on their spending and traffic or increase expenses and wait for more customers to come to them.

third-party companies

In order to bridge the divide between small business owners and ISPs, there are third-party companies that provide the services of ISPs for a monthly fee. When considering an ISP for your business, you need to find an ISP that will meet both your needs and your budget. You want to find an ISP that has a strong consumer and technical support presence. You want an ISP that has low rates so that you can save money on both installation and ongoing expenses. And most importantly, you want an ISP that will cater to your specific needs so that your service provider becomes a true partner in helping your small business succeed.

IP-enabled servers

Earthlink, a division of Earthlink (a part of Alcatel), has several great IP-enabled web hosting packages. Earthlink offers unlimited bandwidth and disk space and also offers online services such as email, instant messaging, and video conferencing. Earthlink’s five-week provides insight into their customer service and features, including their free domain name, low start-up costs, competitive pricing plans, and high-quality customer service.

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