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Sci-Fi Movies To Watch This Holiday Season

There are many Sci-Fi Movies To Watch This Holiday season. These films are fun, action-packed, and can entertain audiences of all ages. Some of the genre’s best movies will make you rethink your holiday movie choices. Others feature aliens, robots, superheroes, and romance. Regardless of your personal taste, you’ll enjoy the following films. Listed below are the best sci-fi films to watch this holiday season.

Alien Movies

In this science-fiction film, an alien comes from the deep seas to take human form. A group of mercenaries must stop the aliens to save humanity. The characters are robotic and deadly, and robots are battling to protect the world from these creatures. Despite its high budget, this film is a fun way to spend your time this holiday. This movie is also full of cameos, including David Oyelowo, Felicity Jones, Kyle Chandler, and Tim Russ.

Split Second

If you’re looking for a good sci-fi movie that will keep you entertained, consider Split Second. The movie takes place in a dystopian future where global warming and extreme rainfall have caused the city to flood. In the film, a group of friends are forced to work together to find a way out. The group is attacked by an alien, and they must find a way to save them.


Another sci-fi movie to watch this holiday season is Stardust. Based on Neil Gaiman’s epic novel, Stardust stars Charlie Cox as Tristan. To regain his wife, Victoria, Tristan must go into the realm of fairies and retrieve the fallen star. Along the way, he meets Yvaine, a young woman with great power. As they try to find a way to save her, they are pursued by king’s sons and a wicked witch.

Beyond Skyline

Those looking for something a little bit nutty can find it in Beyond Skyline. This action movie is not for everyone, but it’s a fun, nutty ride for those who like big action. If you’re a fan of wacky sci-fi tropes, Alien: Covenant will surely impress. This movie’s concept is a bit different than the previous two, but its impact is noteworthy.

Bird Box And Quiet Place

Bird Box and Quiet Place are two films that deal with monsters that connect to the human senses. In Bird Box, the characters wear blindfolds to keep the entities out. The story revolves around the life of a teenage Malorie Hayes before she finds her way to the future. When the world becomes a reality, the movie will be a big hit. It’s also a great gift idea for kids.

In Summary

There are many sci-fi movies to watch this holiday. There are many genres, including romantic movies with aliens. Depending on your interests, a movie about space travel may be the best choice for you. For instance, Jurassic World isn’t the only sci-fi movie on Netflix. However, if you’re looking for a more nerdy film, Timeball is a fun choice. This film is directed by the director of Jurassic World.

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