Pub Shed – How To Build It Yourself?

There’s a new craze sweeping the web

The garden and bar shed look. This home and garden style is becoming an affordable and imaginative alternative to completely transform the appearance of your backyard. Many have noticed a rise in bar-sheds, however this places a slightly different spin on what you may be able to accomplish with a shed.

The most common mistake people make when building a shed is overdoing it on the exterior. From the exterior the clutter is just too much. To cut down on this clutter, trim the excess wood, nail up the nails a bit smaller, paint the trim, or use a handyman to complete this task. If you’re thinking about using a handyman, have him or she pre-drilled all the nails used for the assembly process and if not have a list of all the nails needed, then call him or her first. Even though a handyman has experience in building for others, if they don’t know the exact measurements for certain things, they won’t know how to get it done correctly.

place a siding nail at the top of the bar or wood panel

Another mistake is siding nails. Although siding nails are long and sturdy, they can easily be hammered out or broken and cause damage to your walls. Rather than having a siding nail protrude through the wall, opt to place a siding nail at the top of the bar or wood panel. Make sure you nail it securely.

The third mistake people make when building a shed or re-furbishing one is cutting corners. When building a pub shed, it is easy to cut corners by skimping on certain items, such as nails or siding nails. By doing so you will not only be compromising the integrity of the wall or board, but you may not be able to finish the project in time. As an example, if you choose to buy siding nails instead of using your own, then you must make sure they are long enough to penetrate the wood completely. Otherwise, you will end up with unsightly holes.

The benefits of a custom-built pub shed

Last, yet not least, is not planning ahead. One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make when building their own backyard storage space, is not planning ahead. When building a home, it is usually assumed that everything will go right from the start, which it does to some degree. However, a Pub Shed requires a bit more planning, especially since you will have to account for height, roof, and slope.

When all is said and done, it should be easy to build your own Pub Shed from scratch, provided you follow a detailed plan. If not, consider hiring a professional contractor to make sure everything runs smoothly. The benefits of a custom-built pub shed are not just aesthetic ones, either. By getting a good contractor, you will also be assured that you are getting high quality materials, with no waste and without a hefty price tag. Always remember, when you decide to use your own materials, you will be able to add whatever personal touch you would like, such as your own unique designs or color scheme, to make your home look even better than ever before.

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