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PVC Wall Panels – Pros and Cons

PVC wall panels offer many advantages over wooden and aluminum panels. They can be treated as green products and recycled easily. Additionally, they require little maintenance and can last a long time. However, with the use of certain products, such as vinyl coatings, the panels can become less durable. Here are some of the disadvantages of using PVC wall panels:


The weight of the PVC panels

makes it more difficult for them to be installed in small areas where a nail or stud would be a practical option. Also, the weight of the PVC material requires larger vehicles for its transportation. In addition, lightweight panels require more cement and lumber to install than heavier ones do.


The waterproofing properties of PVC wall panels

may not be good enough in high moisture areas. Even in places with less frequent heavy rains, moisture can still penetrate the material and cause damage. This problem is compounded by the fact that the PVC material cannot absorb sound well. Thus, walls that have caulking or that have insulation installed may not effectively soundproof. Moreover, PVC is flammable and as a result, can cause major problems in the area around its installation. Even small amounts of oil, hydrocarbons, and grease can leak into the water and make it very dangerous for people working in the area.


Tile and grout durability

is poor when using vinyl wall panels. Tile can be washed and cleaned but it deteriorates quickly. The same is true for grout – it becomes dirty quite fast and cannot easily be cleaned with cleaning agents. It is also not advisable to use these tiles on very smooth surfaces like bathrooms and kitchens. In such locations, ceramic tiles, for example, are much better choices because they have excellent water-repellant properties and can withstand very high temperatures.


Apart from the above-mentioned disadvantages

there are some other disadvantages of using PVC wall panels in your home. For one thing, these sheets are not biodegradable. If you find them lying on the floor and eventually decide to throw them away, you’ll be breaking environmental laws. You will be utilizing raw materials to produce a product that ultimately ends up dumped in the landfill. Moreover, the PVC plastic sheets are prone to stretching and tearing which could easily happen if the sheets are not handled properly.


Despite their drawbacks

there are advantages as well. Using PVC panels can significantly reduce the cost of building a new home. As they are low-priced and easy to handle, you may even want to consider a DIY installation. There are many do-it-yourself kits, which you can purchase online to assemble and install your PVC wall panels. This way, you’ll be able to cut down your costs and have a beautiful and budget-friendly house in no time.

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