Prescription Sunglasses Buyer’s Guide

But what are the different essential features to consider for prescription sunglasses?

Sunglasses are a great way to block out the sun’s harmful rays while still maintaining a certain look and feel of fashion. Prescription Sunglasses are typically used by people who need certain types of corrective vision correction. They come in a variety of styles and prescription is determined by both the patient and the optometrist or eye doctor.

There are basically two types of prescription sunglasses – those that are made for one pair of glasses (revisional) and those that are made for more than one pair of glasses (both transitional and bifocal). And non-prescription glasses are also sold everywhere from doctors’ offices to higher-end boutiques to major chain gas stations. Prices range from very affordable to highly expensive, depending mostly on features, materials, and if they’re custom-made or prefabricated sunglasses. The most important thing to know about glasses is that just like prescription lenses, there are many different styles and lenses, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Prescription Sunglasses are progressive lenses

These corrective lenses are great for reading the paper, taking a quick photo, or protecting your eyes while outside. Progressive lenses block out the sun’s harmful ultraviolet light while letting in sufficient light for your viewing purposes. This is the most common option for those who need protection for the UV rays while also needing an efficient style of lens to protect their eyes.

A round, oval, or rectangular shape is most common for prescription sunglasses and the basic rule is to have a small rectangular area of soft contact on each side of the frame. When shopping for glasses, try to buy ones that don’t add unnecessary weight, because your glasses will feel heavy when you need them most – in an office, on the subway, or during a long hike.

Taking the time to ask your local eye care professionals is worth it

You may also want to ask your local eye care professionals what prescription sunglasses will be best for you. Your optometrist or ophthalmologist can give you good advice on what styles will suit you best. There are even online guides available that can help you pick a pair that will fit your budget and help you avoid being ripped off by impostors who try to sell fake pairs at high prices. Some of these impostors may even claim that their glasses are the best available, when in reality they probably aren’t. Taking the time to ask your local eye care professionals is worth it, especially when you consider how much money you could save by buying prescription sunglasses online.

Another important factor is to consider the different lens materials that are available. Most people opt for durable, rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses, but there are also many designer brands available. Both of these lens materials tend to be more pricey than the cheaper products that you can buy prescription sunglasses frames made from less expensive materials. If you do choose designer brands, make sure that the frames have a lifetime guarantee. That way, if the shades do not last, you have a backup option that you can use.

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