Perfect Pair of Designer Sunglasses

How to Choose Your Perfect Pair of Designer Sunglasses

Sunglasses can be one of the best ways to modify your look. When you discover the perfect pair of sunglasses, though, they quickly become more than a sun-blocking necessity, they’re an eye-catching accessory and a strong style statement. Think of sunglasses like any other piece of clothes: the best-fitting, most flattering ones are those that are specifically tailored to suit you.


If you’ve ever tried on a large number of styles

without success or are not sure which style you should choose, you will want to do a little shopping around before committing to a color or model. Generally, sunglasses will be available in one of three basic styles: rimless frames, half-rimmed frames, or rimless and full-rimmed frames. Decide what kind of appearance you wish to achieve and which shape will make that appearance the most appealing. A visit to a nearby store will also allow you to try on various styles so you can decide if the sunglasses will suit your facial features.


Round or oval face

The Oval or round face is very popular. Sunglasses with round or oval frame shapes will look great with almost all facial features. Consider, too, that an oblong face is generally more square-shaped and will therefore appear more circular. Square faces generally need to be elongated to look good with oval glasses. Therefore, the ideal sunglasses for you will be those that have a wide frame with a narrow oval shape.


Full-rimmed glasses frames

offer you a little bit more coverage but can elongate your face shape. These glasses frames also tend to offer better protection from bright sunlight. Therefore, a pair of sunglasses that have a wider frame will be ideal for you if you like outdoor activities. But, if you enjoy indoor activities then a pair of glasses frames that have thinner rims will be ideal.


Heart-shaped face

If you have a heart-shaped face then you will have an oval face. These types of faces will be balanced and even with wide-spaced frames. Lenses for men’s sunglasses will not be very useful as they will either tend to make your face look longer or wider than it is. You should therefore opt for frames that have wider frames and smaller lenses. Lenses for women’s sunglasses are often more curved and will therefore look more like a normal woman’s face.


Choose colors that compliment your skin color and eye color

Some people have an oval or round faces while others have other shapes. Different colors will look great on different facial shapes. For example, a pair of sunglasses that matches someone who has a heart-shaped face shape will be better than a pair of sunglasses that are matched for a round face shape. Also, a pair of polarized sunglasses can provide a very cool and radiant look. This is because the polarized lenses reflect and alter the sun’s heat and light to protect from harmful UV rays.

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