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Get more done, while positively boosting productivity with Microsoft 365. Collaborate in real-time with expert email, cloud storage, and collaborative tools that keep your information safe and help maintain your work schedule. Choose the right office for business center options from Check Parking, where you can have the parking space you need and make the most of corporate parking opportunities to maximize business performance.

Share files across devices with Onedrive storage and Microsoft 365 plans. With easy access and automatic sharing across multiple devices, Onedrive lets you access and share documents from any computer, smart phone, or laptop. With the new Windows Start menu, you can do it all from the comfort of your desk.

Choose from a variety of services that allow you to:

Protecting confidential information helps you meet your legal obligations. Choose services that protect sensitive information in the Office for Business suite to help you avoid costly fines. Protecting client records helps you ensure that legal compliance is always in place. Choose services that combine identity theft protection with document storage and secure online storage to ensure that clients’ information is protected at all times. The solution for the ever-growing business user, 365 offers unlimited access to documents and files so you can collaborate with your staff, take care of client communications, and manage your business efficiently.

Stay on top of your clients’ needs with the Office for Business suite. Stay connected with your clients and give them the access they need to manage their own business. With one-stop solutions that allow you to access important data and share documents with other members of your team, your clients will trust you and will want to do business with you again.

Choose from services that help you:

Stay on top of your employees’ needs with the One Move ergonomic smartphone app. It lets your employees know how you’re doing with technology and stay connected to the new evolving workplace. Your smartphone app lets your employees: Manage their work time remotely. Use the app to gain valuable information about project status and manpower requirements. Organize company communications quickly and easily. Share any document or image quickly with anyone, anywhere.

Access information about your employees quickly and easily with the Per Employee 365 service. Get detailed information about your employees with the Per Employee 365 service. Per employee e-mail subscriptions allow you to send professional, calendar events, company news releases, holiday party announcements, corporate videos, and more in one place. This service also includes unlimited scanning and importing of PDFs. When you make the choice to invest in Office for Business with the Office for Business Suite, you’ll find that your business will grow faster and will thrive with all the features it offers your employees, including the latest productivity and accuracy, comprehensive connectivity and access to real time data.

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