How to Use Renewable Energy at Home to Reduce Fossil Fuel Generated Energy Consumption

It is a fact that we should use renewable energy. This is because it is a fact that is not known to many people, and this is why it is ignored by many. With the world’s current condition, it is important that we use renewable energy to power our homes. With this, we will save our planet and lessen our dependency on non-renewable energy sources like fossil fuels. Let us find out more about renewable energy.

use renewable energy


The first fact about renewable energy is that it is very clean energy. Unlike the one we use now, which causes a lot of pollution and the one causing global warming; this natural energy does not cause any pollution. It also does not contribute to global warming. Second, renewable power plants require less maintenance than the ones we use today. Lastly, if we use renewable energy sources only, we won’t be dependent on other external energy sources.


Now let’s find out more about how we can use clean energy to power our homes. There are three biggest clean energy resources in the world: wind, solar and water. Of these three, the wind and solar energy are the fastest to develop. However, since they are the fastest, they require the most space to setup. Solar energy only requires a little spot and some direction of sunlight to work.

Wind power, on the other hand, can be installed anywhere and can generate electricity even on cloudy days. And since wind moves, it can also be converted into mechanical energy. Hydroelectric power works by creating moving water (hydrocarbons) and stores it as energy. Both of these can be useful depending on the wind and sun conditions. However, hydroelectric power plants usually use water dams which have to be constructed in natural settings and are subject to pollution.


When solar panels are used to generate electricity, the rays of the sun can be converted into direct current (DC) electricity. Then there is the conversion of this DC electricity into alternating current (AC). And lastly, the AC electricity is routed to batteries which store it until use. The stored energy can then be used for lighting, appliances or stored energy for future use. But if we want to use renewable energy at home, it is important that we use solar panels or wind turbines.

With the use of renewable resources at home, we are taking the first step to go green. The use of clean energy and the reduction of the use of fossil fuels will also help to reduce global warming. And eventually, we are going to see an end to all the problems concerning energy shortages, pollution, and hunger. Going green is not just for the environment but for everyone too.

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