How to Switch Gas and Electricity Suppliers?

How to Switch Gas and Electricity Suppliers in the UK

Energy suppliers are the businesses that supply energy to your household. A typical energy company in the UK doesn’t have any of the infrastructure or networks of pipes and cables that bring the energy to your house. The gas and electricity that your house consumes have to be brought to the property. This is not a problem for most people in the UK as they receive Gas Safe (which is the regulator for the British Gas Network) regularly. But what about when you move home?


When you move home

you need to find out whether the current energy supplier of the property you live in will still be providing this gas and electric supply when you move in. This is important because you don’t want to find yourself in the position of being trapped in a situation where you have to pay for energy that you no longer use. It is also important to compare the energy rates that are offered by the new energy company with those of the previous tenant.


There are many reasons why an individual

would like to switch to another energy supplier such as the price of gas and electricity rising or if the energy company you currently use is no longer providing competitive rates. The majority of individuals however prefer to go through a direct energy switch. A direct energy switch involves signing up for an energy supplier online and then taking action by contacting your current supplier and asking them to change your tariff to their new supplier. The majority of providers will be willing to change your tariff quickly and on a full-cost basis. This means that you won’t even have to worry about making a payment until your next billing cycle begins.


If you don’t want to switch yourself

there are other options available. One option is to contact gas and electrical energy suppliers and request that they review your tariff. These suppliers often work closely with several different gas and electrical companies to find the lowest tariffs. The majority of gas and electric companies will work with you in setting your tariff. This means that you can choose a supplier that has the lowest prices along with the lowest level of service.


You can also request that your existing energy supplier review

your tariff using a standard variable tariff (SVT). A standard variable tariff is a pricing structure that is normally used to determine the minimum and maximum charges for electricity and gas. The average monthly bill that people in the UK pay is about seven percent below the UK average of all tariffs. Using a standard variable tariff will normally result in a significant saving on your monthly energy bill.


A more convenient way to switch energy suppliers

is by using the internet. Using the internet, it is easy to compare tariffs from various energy suppliers. You can also request a free energy comparison report to give you an idea of what different suppliers would offer to you. This information allows you to choose the supplier that is going to save you the most money.

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