How does an energy audit benefit your company?

Does An Energy Audit Benefit Your Company?

Every year energy-efficient buildings and facilities are built, and while they can be quite expensive, in the long run, the benefits are enormous. An energy audit is simply a way of identifying areas of the facility which may be inefficient. The purpose isn’t to make the facility completely efficient, but to see where the greatest degree of energy efficiency can be achieved. It’s also used to identify areas that require further study and improvement. A qualified energy auditor can help to determine how your facility could use more energy or where additional resources could be invested.


So, just what does an energy audit

mean for your company? It could benefit your company by reducing the amount of heat loss and cold air entering or exiting your building. In a cold climate, energy upgrades or further improvements may reduce heating and cooling expenses. In warmer climates, energy audits can detect leaks or other issues which would allow for further reductions in heating and cooling costs.


While audits are typically done for aesthetic reasons

there are other valid reasons to have them conducted as well. Perhaps you’re not aware that windows, doors, and equipment are losing a large amount of heat through ventilation. An energy audit can help you determine whether any of these items are inefficient. If you suspect any deficiencies, you can request them to be upgraded or replaced, improving the functionality and reducing your company’s energy costs.


How does an energy audit benefit your company?

It can benefit your company because it identifies the areas in your facility that are costing you money. It can also benefit your company because it identifies areas in your facility which are costing you money but are not being properly monitored. It can even benefit your company because it identifies gaps in your security plan. If you know there is a leak in your building, for example, but you do not have a detector to confirm it, you could be missing thousands of dollars in potential revenue. With an energy audit, you will be able to reduce the amount of money you spend on unnecessary maintenance, saving you both money and valuable assets.


How does an energy audit benefit your company?

To perform the audit, you will need to be provided with an Energy Performance Certificate by your carbon-neutral organization. This document not only lists the energy statistics for your buildings but will also contain recommended measures that you can take to improve the efficiency of your building. These measures can include things such as installing effective and efficient heating and cooling systems, reducing the use of electrical and heating appliances, reducing the amount of electricity that you use from power sources, reducing the amount of gas that you use for cooling, and more.


How does an energy audit benefit your company?

To determine whether you qualify for a carbon-neutral certificate, you’ll need to perform the audit. The certificate is valid for up to five years. However, if you are found to be continuing to use outdated methods of energy management in your premises without having taken the required steps, you may be asked to apply for a carbon-neutral certificate once again. You must receive a certificate from a carbon-neutral organization to demonstrate that you are taking steps to save the planet.

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