Garden Furniture – What To Look For In Garden Furniture?

Garden Furniture also known as patio furniture

Generally, it is made out of weather-resistant, easily-fixable materials like aluminium that is easily rust-proof as well. The earliest surviving models of garden furniture discovered in the ancient gardens of Pompeii were cast in clay. They belong to the Classical period and are made from metals such as bronze, iron and the like. Garden furniture during this period was elaborately made with marble and wooden pieces.

In present times, the garden furniture has undergone several changes and improvisations. It now comes in various types and designs, intended to meet different requirements of the owners. Manufacturers and retailers offer various types of garden furniture made from different materials like iron, aluminum, wood, plastic and wrought iron among others. There are some that are specifically made for indoor use like day beds, chairs, benches and stools while some others are made for outdoor weather conditions. With the increasing number of people buying outdoor furniture made from different materials, the manufacturers and retailers have provided various types of accessories to make it more attractive and functional.

traditional wooden benches

For example, there are benches and day beds made from metal with or without cushions in different colors and designs to match with different garden themes. One can also get the traditional designs or the modern ones in various styles. If you want traditional wooden benches, you will surely find several designs and colors. On the other hand, if you are looking for an aluminum garden furniture, there are many designs available as well.

Aluminum is highly resistant to weather conditions, and therefore is highly recommended. Garden furniture made of metal is usually light weight and easy to move around which makes it ideal for indoor use as well as outdoor usage. It is extremely durable and requires low maintenance. However, it does not have that elegant look like wooden and wrought iron garden furniture. The only thing metal garden furniture has in common with wooden furniture is that it requires painting and repainting occasionally to maintain its durability.

Wood garden furniture is a heavy piece but it is highly durable and long time weather resistant

Its beauty is not affected even if it spends most of the day under direct sunlight. You can leave it in your garden for a long time without worrying about its color or shape. Its legs can withstand being exposed under extreme weather conditions. However, it requires special care to avoid splinters and cuts.

Another type of outdoor furniture is the fabric garden furniture. This is made up of polyester and nylon fabrics. Polyester is highly resistant to weather-resistant conditions, and it easily catches and retains moisture from the air. It also retains its color and pattern even if it spends most of the day under direct sunlight. The polyester material does not allow any sort of mildew to form on its surface and it is water-resistant.

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