Do You Trust Your Loved Ones With Them?

First Responders, Bulletproof Vest, And Body Armor – Do You Trust Your Loved Ones With Them?

Take good care of your body armor. Believe it or not, the vest is an incredibly important piece of equipment for law enforcement officers. They are one of the most protective pieces of gear that the average law enforcement officer has to have on them at all times. In fact, some officers actually carry more than just the body armor on their person at all times!


The vest is made from heavy-duty polyester that has many layers

They are designed to resist tearing and wear. Plate carriers, the individual plates that make up the body armor, are placed inside the vest in pairs. The thin metal coating over the plates keeps the plates from becoming too hot while they are in use. The first responders, firefighters, and officers that protect our troops deserve better!


If you buy your own body armor

there are several different things to consider. For instance, where does the material come from? Is the steel core body armor safe to wear? What about ballistic nylon? The bottom line is: each law enforcement officer and a police officer have to have the proper body armor!


When you get the body armor

you want to choose the correct size. Most are small and made to fit an average-sized female police officer or male officer. Some are small enough that they can be worn under shirts to cover a bulge or even over shirts with padding. There are even training kits available that will allow you to train your own personal bulletproof vest!


Now for the important part

Cleaning your new ballistic nylon body armor. If you don’t clean it, then you will notice that it tears easily and leaves little if any defense was intact. I recommend spraying the item with a degreasing agent such as Bleach. This will open up the pores on the item and remove any debris left behind by cleaning. However, I would not suggest using this product indoors. The reason is that it will react with any chemicals used in cleaning or any cleaning products found in the area.


The next step after cleaning

is to put the armor on. Again, I would not recommend this at all. Most of the time, police and first responders vests come with a Velcro strap. Simply attach the strap and pull the carrier through your pants. That’s all there is to wearing your new body armor! Enjoy!

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