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Why businesses use Custom Water Bottles

Are you looking for an inexpensive yet effective way of marketing your business using Custom Water Bottles?

Marketing Campaign

There are many businesses that use Custom Water Bottles as part of their marketing campaigns. These businesses include resorts, hotels, spas, restaurants, sporting events, fundraisers, and charities. Here are some of the ways in which bottled water can be used as a form of promotion:

Advertising Tool

A single imprinted or custom bottled water bottle gives you 1,400 individual impressions for your company. Your recipients then kept your custom bottled water bottles in memory longer than any other promotional item you might purchase. For this reason, custom water bottles are an excellent way of gaining higher recall among potential clients.

Inexpensive way of promoting

Custom printed bottles can be an easy and inexpensive way of promoting your hotel, resort, or spa. Custom water bottles can be imprinted with your hotel name, logo, and website address. Bottles can also be personalized with the name and date of birth of your target recipient. Many hotels and resorts offer special discounts for corporate or memberships and custom imprinted bottles of water with these dates can help increase the popularity of your hotel.

More upscale image for businesses

Stainless steel and aluminum bottles give your promotional item a professional look while still providing the customer with plenty of space for their contact information. The bottles range in color and size from light to dark blue, green, black, white, and red. They can also be found in different materials, including wood, plastic, and composite materials. Some stainless steel and aluminum bottles are made of copper, making them a great addition to your branded custom water bottles. While the copper finishes can be expensive, they will last much longer than the other materials, making them a worthwhile investment.


While there are no real cons to using custom printed or engraved promotional water bottles, there are some pros and cons. The most obvious pro is that this type of bottled water can be very durable and hard-wearing. These bottles are not likely to break or leak. Another pro is that if you have a high-end hotel or resort, a stainless steel or aluminum bottle will most likely be ideal.

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