Best Dog Trainer – How To Find The Right One?

If your pooch can sit, stop barking, listen to you speak, and learn basic commands, it is high time you got a dog trainer for your pet. Professional dog trainers not only teach pets some new tricks, they also train them how to sit, to stay quiet when commanded, and to behave properly. If you believe it is time that your pet learns how to act the way you’d like, then send him/her to the best dog trainer in Queens. These experts have had years of training experience so that they can help you train your dog to learn these new tricks and activities. Below are some of the activities your dog will enjoy doing with a professional dog trainer.



Sit-Stay-Fetch is one fun game, your dog will love playing. This activity involves having your dog lie down on your lap or the floor, while you hold both his paws up together and say “sit.” When your dog responds correctly, you then have him/her sit down and hold onto your hands until he/she learns the sitting position. Then you have your dog walk around with you until he/she has corrected all the wrong positions.


The next activity your dog will love is walking on a leash. You may have to get used to having your dog on a leash, because he/she may sometimes resist it. However, once your dog gets used to having the leash on, you will find that walking on a leash becomes a pleasure rather than a chore. Walk your dog on a leash to teach him sit-stay-fetch and other tricks.


Other fun activities your dog can enjoy with an expert are riding a trainer airplane, going through obstacle courses, and swimming. Your dog will be thoroughly entertained with these activities as well as having some great time bonding with you. However, many dog trainers like to let their dogs to compete in agility trials. This is a great way to teach your dog the skills necessary for competitive dog training. If you have a judge who watches every dog, this can be extremely educational for the two of you.

In addition to these exciting activities, you can also have training sessions with your dog where he/she is the star. Let your dog strut through a variety of obstacle courses set up by the trainer. Sometimes, the fun doesn’t have to involve racing your dog – you can simply take your pup out for a walk and let them follow your leader through the park or along the beach. These types of exercise/training sessions are especially fun if your dog has some behavior issues.


Your dog deserves to live a happy, healthy, long life, and the relationship between you and your dog is vital. If you have decided to become your own trainer, there are many resources available that can help you get started. Check out local vets, pet stores, pet boutique, online pet stores, and even your high schools and junior high schools. Each one of these options should be able to provide you with some sort of informational brochure or flyer that will introduce you to each aspect of being the best dog trainer. Once you have familiarized yourself with the basics, you may want to take on one of the more advanced classes that may be offered. The internet is a great source for finding these opportunities.

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