Add a New Twist to Your Kitchen Design With Rustic Kitchen Elements

Do you love to cook in the kitchen? Does it make your life easier when everything is so easy to get at?

If so, then you definitely have a passion for home improvement and cooking the perfect meal. Well, cooking food can be a lot of fun, but it also takes a lot of hard work and preparation before you can call yourself a chef. But what if you had all the cooking utensils you need to bring your kitchen to life and to add that special touch of rustic charm to your kitchen?

Think wood and warmth and wood finishes. When you think of wood and warmth, you probably think of a cozy fire in front of your cozy fireplace. That cozy feeling will come alive when you have the right wood in your kitchen. Rustic elements and old-time charm can really add charm to your kitchen by using old and worn wooden beams on your kitchen island and wooden floors on your kitchen counter. You could even consider faux wood grain over your counter tops and cabinets, and an overhead wooden beam running along your kitchen wall to add a warm and charming feel to your kitchen.

It would even look good over an antique white porcelain apron sink

Another way to bring life to your kitchen would be to find a beautiful apron sink that is made from metal. What’s nice about having apron sinks is you can match them with different styles of apron counter tops. For example, an antique bronze apron sink would go great with stainless steel appliances. It would also look great in a black apron sink over a white counter top.

One more thing you might consider in your modern or rustic kitchens is a log cabin stove. Rustic kitchens have become very popular over the past couple of years. If you are interested in having a log cabin kitchen, you may want to have a nice antique stone stove. These stoves are typically built with old fashioned fireboxes and brick ovens. You could choose from an iron, cast iron, pewter or cast aluminum stove.


If you are going to go with the rustic kitchen design, you are definitely going to want to add some big old country charm. Using some large handcrafted barn wood throughout the room and throughout your appliances and furnishings will really add to that old-fashioned charm. You could also use some old paintings and antiques to build on the charm. Old photographs can be displayed on the walls and then framed and hung on the back of a large piece of old furniture. Painted ceramic tiles can be placed on the floor and then laid around a large picture or on top of an antique stove or over a few cooking bowls filled with herbs and spices. If you have some old chairs and tables from your cabin in the woods, use them to help make your kitchen rustic design come together.

You can further incorporate the charm and character of your rustic elements by using some gorgeous new construction lumber and cabinetry that are both rustic and modern. New construction lumber comes in a variety of eye-catching colors such as brown, gray, beige, gray, black and many others. Using this new construction lumber along with rustic elements like wood stain and stone backsplash designs will create a great look that will be unique to your home. A nice addition of some new appliances such as a new washer and dryer, new cabinets and kitchen table will complete the look.

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