7-Eleven Slurpee Giveaway

Everyone loves free things. Whether it’s free movie tickets, free snacks, or designer handbags, everyone is always on the lookout for the next big giveaway event. But the businesses giving away gifts also love giveaways just as much, if not more. On the face of it, free giveaways seem like obvious money drains. But when handled well, giveaways are almost guaranteed to increase sales at a company’s event.


Just consider how many times a business organization

gives away promotional products to their clients and customers. They always come in handy when the occasion calls for it. It’s all part of the business strategy to give value to the consumer. In other words, the more useful the free items consumers receive, the higher the likelihood that the consumer will buy something else from that company the next time he goes to the store.


When companies give away their promotional items,

they also take into consideration their consumers’ preferences. In other words, the products they offer in giveaway events have one thing in common: they appeal to the preferences of the consumer. When a consumer goes to the store and has no preference, the product he gets may not be what he specifically wants. However, if he has a particular brand in mind, the promotional product could very well be exactly what he wants. This is the reason why loyalty is such an important part of brand management.


When a firm is giving away a freebie to consumers,

they are trying to get something back out of them. Hence, it makes sense that they give the product away in a better and in some cases, cheaper package than what they can provide elsewhere. As a result, they get to recoup a part of their marketing investment and make the consumer feel as if he’s getting something for nothing.


Another reason why firms use consumer preferences

and product features to promote and give away their promotions is because doing so makes their products accessible to a wider consumer base. For instance, let’s say you go to a department store to get your groceries. On the way, you notice a free T-shirt that your favorite sports team is wearing. Chances are, you’ll put the shirt on, especially if your sports team is popular and has a lot of fans.


If you think about it now,

you probably bought the product even though it was on sale or was discounted. You likely wouldn’t think about getting it from another store. The fact that the company gave you a freebie as a way to promote their brand, makes you more likely to buy the product when you visit that store. So it makes sense for businesses to use consumer preferences and other factors when coming up with a promotional giveaway. A seven-eleven Slurpee giveaway might not be the best idea, but it’s a good example of using a promotion to draw in consumers and create customer loyalty.

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